Sampled Work F

Abstract and shapeless, winding, wavy lines bounding fluffy, stringy, and mounding shapes interrupted by sudden transitions to strict and heavily textured pillars. Evoking childhood memories of stuffed animals, dust bunnies, clouds in open skies, and icecream cones. There's also an unfinished look to the entirety, as though some parts of the whole were only added as an afterthought.

The crispness and precision of the lines gives it a level of seriousness. But the forms and color choice have a great playfulness that really adds intrigue.

Several wild, curved shapes all interlocking together. There are a few different patterns: orange squiggles, blue lines, and blanks. Very unusual and difficult to describe. The shape with blue lines resembles a cloud or a snake and weaves its way through the rest of the pattern. The top of the shape ends with an orange squiggle shape roughly the shape of an inverted ice cream cone. 

A giant speckled L that has giant orange indention's with fluffy ice cream shapes, and two of the the three larger one has orange stripes. The other large one has blue stripes. The two next largest are plain outlined with black. The two smallest look more like a bush shape, and plain outlined with green.

I see squiggled shapes  in kind of a cloud like formation and within these shapes are lines.  Some of the lines are orange and a bit wavy while other lines are blue, very thin and running parallel in a straight line within the cloud shapes. There are ruts that are also colored in orange - like small half pipes and some of the cloud shapes are pure white. Along the left edge are green squiggled lines in two small areas. Some of the cloud shapes are bordered by straight lines that are colored in with small blue spatters.

An ice cream cone. It has a bent cone, who knows why, I mean, I doubt you could get any ice cream down in that part, although it does look like some is leaking out the cone down there. Alongside the cone is some ginger. Blue ginger and orange ginger. Must be dyed I guess because regular natural ginger in brown. There is also a waffle cone stuck into the top of this masterpiece, and to top it off some skinny green sticks of licorce. Enjoy! 

Is there a boomerang in the background?

Sections of gold, green and blue lines and spots color a whimsical abstract. Gold scallops and blue splatters give perspective to an abstract sidewalk among clouds lined with color.

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