Sampled Work B

Convoluted balloon-like shapes with differing sizes are merged as one object--as in one object is made up of different size balloons. These objects each have their own color stripes marked on them which swirls around the surface of the objects. And many of these objects are coalesced together into a larger clump.. 

Billowy clusters with random yellow, blue, and green scribblings throughout.

I like lettuce

Summer Clouds

Elephants are bursting out of a storm cloud.  Colorful strings tie all of them together.  The outlines are black, but the strings are blue, green, and yellow.

It feels like there are different elements shown depending on how close, long and deep you are stare at it. Sometimes it feels like different kinds of vegetables place together, other times you feel that there are faces emerging out of what you are looking at - portions of the face, like the nose and mouth are obvious with no eyes and there seems to be a struggle between the different persons being shown. Sometimes it feels like I am looking at a map of a land and that you can make you way up from the bottom to the top where there are hills,  I wonder how it is possible to have all these different concepts out of a single image? Maybe it says something about the state of my mind,  

It's sort of a colorful cloud, even though it's no completely white, more of an off white and it's all tangled up in blue and yellow yarn. Or maybe it's one of those powdered wigs, decorated in the colorful string. Or some sort of horse but not a normal regular horse but something out of a fairytale, you can see it's a small body but the cover by the cotton crown like mane and the blue and yellow streaks throughout is just how it was born. Or the mind of a small child, its thoughts and imagination being imagined into material existence, an idea that has not yet been fully formed yet, there it's still in it's crumpled upstate and the blue and yellow is the idea coming into formation. 

I want to see the colors inverted too. 

Bubbling raindrops with a hint of a roadway.

The rolling clouds, like cotton balls and yarn hang stately from the sky. Billowy and slightly tumultuous they pass by.

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