Collective Coaster Bruise

Collective Coaster Bruise is an interactive set of drawings on 50 coasters. Half are 4 inch round and the other half are 4 inch rounded squares.  There are interchangeable designs that can be combined in numerous ways based on the collectors preferences. Sets feature a sample of each 5 styles within their shape.  Collectors are encouraged to trade with others to complete their own set. 

There are no rules to trading, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Challenge another collector to trade with a specific coaster from your set. If the number on the back of your coaster is higher than theirs; the trade is made.
  • Barter goods or services.
  • Play Naughts and Crosses (Tic tac toe) where the round coasters are naughts and the square ones are crosses. The winner can choose any played coaster. If it is a draw; the player with a remaining coaster can swap that coaster with any other on the board.
  • Bribery.

Email me with pictures of your sets or trading suggestions to be added here.

Framed Pairing Suggestions 1-3 were provided to suggest possible combinations and give an example of the variation of the coaster cards. These are not a part of the numbered set. They could be considered artist proofs.

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