Sampled Work D

Johannot is a white microscopic bacterial organism 125 gsm units in weight that feeds off inert rare metal crystals. It surrounds the molecules and exposes them to various acids that slowly weaken its struture until the molecules break down into simpler compounds. The energy and minerls are consumer by the bateria. It possess an unknown method of seeking out more metals, even detgecting it from a long distance and through objects. 

A delicious cloud dessert. 

Homer’s BBQ Pit.

There can be varied descriptions of the image. Viewing from one angle it seems like food is being attacked by moulds as they form cloudy or smurky layer over that. After moulds attack the food they are almost completely engulfing it. 

On the outside there is a fluffly blue, cloud like mass that seems to be tied together with a rope or cord. Inside of that cloud like mass there is an orange outlined mass with jagged and straight edges. Inside the orange mass are rectangular green blocks with green speckling. There also appears to be some semi-circles made up of green dashes on an exposed part of the orange mass. 

There are green straight lines and orange blue and black curved lines.  There are strings looped and tied around and through and billows of clouds.


A series of outlines are tied down with rope. The outlines are all trying to reach the top of a mountain, that is outlined in green. There are orange outlines that look like flames near the top of the green mountain. 

 A green brick shape sits horizontally in an open white space; three layers on this shape seem to form a tower. The layer at the bottom consists of a series of orange lines; they rise and fall like a wave or a monitored heartbeat. Two layers of amorphous forms wrap their way around, first black ones then blue ones. They look like clouds. Cords wrap around figures on all three layers, creating many knots and loops. Two more green bricks stand vertically at the top, parallel to each other.         

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